Creating Value. Building Trust.

Property Management

We provide comprehensive commercial property management services to many clients in Middle Tennessee.  Our team of property management specialists work closely with real estate owners and investors to develop and manage customized programs that focus on cost-efficient operations and tenant retention. Our proven programs and processes have enhanced property values for real estate assets.  We assign a single point of contact to address all of your property management needs and questions.  Typically, our fees are at or below market when compared to our competitors.   


Our firm seeks relationships with established proven real estate developers who require equity and/or debt in real estate development projects.   Our goals are to establish long term repeat relationships with successful developers while providing a reasonable return on investment for our private equity partners.  

Fee Development

We work for national corporations as well as individual land owners on a fee basis to meet their real estate needs.  We perform selection and due diligence services including the delivery of specific site conditions as well as representing land owners who prefer to own their land, converting non-income producing raw land into long term income producing assets.